The (CAR) or Cortisol Awakening Response test, a non-invasive spit test that provides us with a stable marker of your stress responses and can be a decisive method for unveiling adrenal imbalance caused by the stresses in your life.

There are many stresses that we encounter from – lifestyle and physical stress from our environment to internal psychological stresses, all put repeated requests on the adrenal glands. If these glands become depleted over time, ‘adrenal fatigue’ or insufficiency may be undergone, leading to many health concerns.

The (CAR) or Cortisol Awakening Response test is a singularly unique appraisal measuring the anticipated rise and fall in cortisol within the earliest hour of awakening.

The (CAR) or Cortisol Awakening Response test is vital in evaluating the overall capacity of our stress response. To Test you need to measure your cortisol directly on rising, thirty minutes after waking, then sixty minutes after waking up, again at 12:00 (mid-day), at 4:00 pm, and 8:00 pm.

This test gives us a comprehensive indication of what your stress response is and what may be needed to support it.